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That program allows you to create songs, adding samples directly to the best program directory there are bookmarks instruments samples.

Editor, which is built-in allows you to create tracks with a few possibilities. I would add that in fact there is currently no detailed description of the editing features (because the ones who linger on this work), but please do this:
1st choose the best pattern blank keys, plus the [PATTERN] (located at the top of the program)
2nd Then click on the [EDIT] then turns to the left at the top of the key [ENTER], but not hit it yet
3rd using the [CURSOR] to select the edit mode (currently selected is shown in the display of the word CURRENT)
4th Here we have a choice of several modes of the first TR-REC-REC REAL second then STEP-REC-REC FADE
TR-REC to edit the best bits of percussion
REAL-REC to play the keyboard live (the biggest keys at the bottom) or, depending on the version of the keyboard
STEP-REC introduces a different note, a FADE-REC as we have finished track is used to record live or step through potentiometers

Focus on the TR-REC mode, select it and press the flashing now the [ENTER] key on the left at the top.
Then choose which section edit, and here, for example, press the button on which is written / drum /, it turns red.
Now we can (as will be more convenient), but we need not press [PLAY] (will now jump over the orange squares)

Only now are pushing the drum sections that you want to enable, it is best to include these described in numbers 1, 5, 9, 13, 14 and 15 (active will light up green), press re-press the keys off the big numbers.

In this way, was made a bit have to be extended to the whole song because the song has such sections 64 and 16 we see here once, so press the key [FWD], you can also copy a bit from the first 16 for the entire piece then press [Shift] and press the big button with a / copy to next note / key, which is a big key in the number of 11th

Of course, we are not bound only to one set of the drum can freely change it by going using the [BANK] to change banks (banks are cymbals drums bass samples loops bodies etc) and by pressing [SAMPLE] to select the appropriate samples the concerned bank.

As discussed earlier, we can add their samples and beats to a single song or melody and play them.
For this purpose, copy it to the directory where you installed the program or it may be c: \ installation program Files \ ThunderBeat D3 \ THBEAT \ SAMPLE then wrzócamy samples to the appropriate directory. To read the program Sapele you must exit the program and re-enter. Sample should be in ogg and wav format.

After the operation press the [EDIT], and the piece has been memorized to save it press [WRITE], which is located at the top.

Additional tips:

- As you can see the best bits of percussion to create or modify other bits suitable mode of the TR-REC
- Is that each batch of the melody is written DRUM hihat, etc does not mean anything because there anyway you can choose between different samples
- Play the best tunes STEP-REC mode instantly by pressing the right keys at the bottom create melodies, and the CONTROL key and TAP (the key is a large gray, not described on the right side at the bottom) create a break.

If poroblemów please write because I did not live to see this program is still manual.
Initially, this support may seem complicated, but it is only the initial impression that time passes.
Program at a later stage will be designed to accommodate the touch screen, which for the short time will certainly come into widespread use. It was created so as to give the impression of an instrument that physically exists or is similar to why not here open folders etc.

If you have any problem pleas visit FORUM or write to Adres poczty elektronicznej jest chroniony przed robotami spamujÄ…cymi. W przeglÄ…darce musi być wĹ‚Ä…czona obsĹ‚uga JavaScript, ĹĽeby go zobaczyć.


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